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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions 

  • How do I determine my “hair type”? 

A hair stylist can help determine your hair type. There are also several sources on the internet with charts and videos that can help you self-assess.  

  • Can I apply the hair products on dry or wet hair? 

Yes, you can ideally the hair should be clean wet or dry.

Fluff Butter 

  • Does the butter have a thick or liquid consistency?

The fluff butter is whipped into an airy and thick consistency.

  • How much to use when applying?

A small amount does go along way.

  • What does the Fluff Butter come with?

It comes with a small wooden spatula to retrieve from the jar. 

Silk Hair Lotion

  • What hair types work best with the Silk hair lotion? 

Type 3 and 4 please refer to the graph 

  • Why does the Silk hair lotion separate? 

Various factors such as temperature can cause the product to separate. Our products are made without harsh chemicals and preservatives. It is advisable to shake well prior to use. 

Embrace Hair Oil

  • What hair types work best with Embrace hair oil? 

All hair types work for the hair oil. 

  • What are some ways I can use the hair oil? 

Embrace hair oil is versatile. Some beneficial ways to use the oil include: 

  • Prewash hair oil treatment 

  • Hot oil treatment 

  • Apply on the scalp  

  • Apply directly to the hair 


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